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Eye Specialty Animal Clinic

Virtual tour

Virtual tour of Bright Eye Animal Hospital

State of the art equipments

Phacoemulsification machine, Sterallis

(Bausch&Lomb, USA)

Ophthalmic surgery microscope, Lumera i

(Carl Zeiss, Germany, provided fundus viewing for retinal surgery)


(Sistemi, Italy, comprehensive ocular surface diagnostic machine for animals)

Slit Lamp biomicroscopy

(provided exams from the anterior to posterior part of the eye)

OCT Optovue

(MRI of the eye, comprehensive exams for cornea, retinal and optic disc)

Fundus camera

(Canon, non-mydriatic fundus camera)

Corneal Collagen Crosslinking system PXL Velvet 345

(Peschke, Swiss, Effective for nonhealing and melting corneal ulcers)

Electroretinography HmsERG

(Ocuscience, USA, exam for the retinal function)

Tonometer, Tonovet Plus

(Icare, Finland,brandnew tonometer)

Indirect Ophthalmoscope

(Heine, Germany, observing the ocular fundus)

Surgical loupe

(Keeler, USA, specialized for eyelid surgeries)

Koeppe Goniolens

(exams for pectinate ligament abnormalities in glaucoma)

Veterinary anesthesia machine

(Royal, with ventilator)

Patient monitering system

(EtCO2, SPO2, ECG, temperature, blood pressure)


(minimal incision, minimal hemorrhage)

Electrocautery, Bovie

(for ophthalmic surgery)

CBC Sysmex

(automated blood count, 3 diff test)

Catalyst one IDEXX

(blood chemistry test)

Snap Shot IDEXX

(hormone test)

Clean bench

(clean working space)


(Ecoray x-ray generator + Rayence DR)

Ultrasound system

(Sonoscape, fully featured ultrasound system)

Plasma sterilization system

(safe, non-toxic method)

Autoclave sterilization system

Microscope ECLIPSE E200


Ultrasound cleaning system

Doppler Blood Pressure monitor

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